FT Island Makes a Cameo in "On Air"

FT Island Makes a Cameo in "On Air"

The five flower boy band FT Island made a special appearance on 'On Air' following stars like Lee Hyori and Um Jiwon.

FT Island stepped up as the special cameo for SBS's new Wed.Thurs Drama 'On Air' (written by Kim Woon Sook/Produced by Shin Woo Chul), starring Kim Haneul, Park Yong Ha and Song Yoon Ah.

On the evening of 18th, 'On Air's' Actors Award was held at Seoul Saejong Culture Hall, and FT Island stepped onto the red carpet as invited performers. About 300 real FT Island fans appeared and acted as supporting fans. Among the press group was Oh Seung Ah, played by Kim Haneul, as the reporter on the scene.

FT Island's member Lee Hongki said "We felt nervous and amazed because this is our first time standing on a grand red carpet like this. Even though it lasted only for a short period of time, it was a fun experience and it'll be very memorable because it was our appearance with our fans." He added, "thank you for inviting us to a drama with admirable actors."

On this day, Kim Haneul wore a pure white dress and stepped gracefully onto the red carpet. Song Yoon Ha wore a cute black mini dress under white fur coat and captured the eyes of the spectators.

'On Air,' a drama with high expectations due to its realistic scenes, will announce its airing live through internet broadcasting on the 19th and premier on march 5th.