Korean hot boys SS501 tries to conquer southeast Asia

Korean hot boys SS501 tries to conquer southeast Asia

Group SS501 will use Japan as the start to steps onto the roads of marching into the Southeast Asia markets.

For the month of August, SS501 will continue advancement activities starting in Malaysia to Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and other Southeast Asia countries.

SS501's company DSP Entertainment personnel said, "During this time, our overseas activities have in Japan as the main market. But recently we plan to start official activities in Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other places. A majority of the preparations of the activities have already been completed."

In May, SS501 has held fanmeeting actvities in Thailand. At that time, the SS501 fanmeet gathered 15,000 fans. SS501's company hope to scale new heights of success in Southwest Asia. DSP has separately made plans for Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other places.

SS501 will seize hold of Thailand and Malaysia at the start of their activities in Southeast Asia. This personnel said they will use Thailand Kampuchea as the springboard, as the cultures of Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong are connected. After they have individually established the music market and finished other levels of preparations, SS501 will start their official activities.

SS501's company personnel said, "We plan to use mainly K-Pop in Thailand and Malaysia, and mainly J-Pop in Taiwan for our activities. Currently, our investigations show that other than Taiwan, other Southeast Asia countries place an emphasis on K-Pop. But Taiwan's situation is due to Japan music world's influence, we will use the prepared Japanese songs to hold activities. Like their successful debut in Japan, SS501 will have good results in Southeast Asia to become Asia's idol group."

Last month, SS501's Japanese single released was ranked 2nd on the Oricno daily chart. They are currently successfully marching into Japan by storm.

Credits: 한국일보 + (Chinese translation) veta@http://hyunjoong.5d6d.com + DoubleS501.com + (English translation) heart2heat@Quainte501.com

I'm so proud of them. I kinda wished that DSP would focus more on them in Korea. Their promotion there could seriously use some work. Still, the best of luck to our SS501 boys!

hehe... well i like these guys... esp hyun joong... uhmm... accdg to this article, they will try to be in other countries specifically, southeast asian countries... but i havent seen philippines hahaha... well, hopefully they can come here too but then, boybands are not really hit here... we are more on bands.. like those using band or musical instruments... hehe... but we just dont know right..? hehe... f4 and farenheit have been a hit here so they have chances... ehehehe...go ss501... hehhe