Korean Hunks FT Island Crosses Over to Japan

Because Japan is known for their large rock scene, famous Korean teen-rock band, F.T. Island, has plans to cross over. After their continuing tour (that started late December over 10 regions in Korea) finishes in March, the band will further their tour plans. On the agenda are four months of intense Japanese studies of music and language.

But what will happen to their Korean activities? The five-member group has had an amazing 2007; it’d be a waste for them to hold off their career like many others have mistakenly done. Fortunately, they will squeeze in the release of their second album around Autumn of this year.

Having won many awards last year, F.T. Island stated, “Last year was just the beginning. It was a start to express our music to whoever listened. Until our second album releases, until the true colors of our music are seen, we’ll try our very best.”

Like any rock band, the boys answered, “We think it’s because we’re always trying our best, no matter what. It’s like we’re drunk off of music,” when asked why they were so popular.